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Gridsome + Netlify = My Website

Published 2020-03-05 // Author Jesse Johnston

I think the best way to kick off my blog is to share a short summary with you on the technologies I used to build my website.

Here's are some of the great technologies I used (and some I chose not to use):

  • I didn't use any CSS frameworks. There are 2 reasons I decided against picking a framework. Firstly, I wanted to flex my css muscles and put in the work on my own. Depending on the framework you select it may already have a heavily influenced design standard. Second, It's very important to me that I'm constantly growing as a designer and one of the ways I do that is by keeping up to date with new css tricks (shameless name drop not intended). On my website I was able to utilize css grid and learn how to work with those new properties.
  • I used Gridsome (a modern static site generator for VueJs). I previously had the opportunity to work with Vuejs at Motto Wealth and at Buddi. I really enjoy how easy it is to pick that framework up. Since I already had knowledge of how to work with Vuejs it made selecting Gridsome an easy choice for me.
  • For hosting I deployed to Netlify. I love how easy Netlify is to use, I simply connect my git repo to Netlify, push to master and my site builds and a minute or two later its live. I couldn't imagine using anything else to host my website now.
  • Anime.js is what I'm using for some of the subtle animations I added to my website. It's a lightweight javascript animation library. This is one I'm not completely comfortable with yet but as I spend more time learning how it works I'll be able to add some better animations to my website to engage my viewers.

If you'd like to learn more about my process or about the technologies I used please feel free to contact me.