ResponseTek Surveys

Project Summary

People get tired of filling surveys out for companies. There is no joy for a customer filling in responses to a survey. We needed to build a modern design that worked on all types of devices while still maintaining the integrity of the various question types.

We also had to build a framework that could be used by a design centric fashion company but also a multinational telecommunications company. The design had to be versatile.

My Role

Product Design, Front-End Design/Development

The Team

Product Manager, 2 Senior Developers, 1 Intermediate Developer, 2 Junior Developers

Tools I Used

Sketch, Invision, Atom, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Generally the UX of a survey is pretty straight forward however when you’re competing for attention of users you need something that is fun to fill out, customizable and feature rich. Clients must be able to customize the survey look and feel to better match their brand but we need to maintain a balance of not letting them go to crazy so our code base stays maintainable.

Working with the development team across different products we had to plan how these survey upgrades would work into our administration platform. We didn’t want to be implementing the new survey design individually for clients we needed our tools to be updated as well to accommodate the new survey design process.

Working with a few select few clients to launch their new survey look helped us test our new solution and validate our assumptions.

Our surveys are responsive but we still had to make some major adjustments and plan how to accommodate various screen sizes. A question types integrity had to hold true regardless of the screen a user was viewing it on.

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